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January 2014

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MATHletes Challenge 2014 is a free tournament to transform how we learn maths in Ireland.


The online and in-person competition uses the Khan Academy website and will give thousands of students across Ireland the chance to compete with each other, and improve their maths abilities. It includes a Student Challenge and a Schools Challenge, and is open to students in 5th and 6th class, and Junior Cycle students. Over €20,000 in prizes will be awarded.
For more information, visit http://mathletes.ie/


Apps4Gaps Competition


Apps4Gaps is an All Ireland competition aimed at encouraging young people to develop ideas and create applications that will provide innovative and fresh ways of exploiting the Open Data freely available from the Census 2011 that could benefit society in such areas as transport, housing, planning, education, communications and health.
Prizes between €1000 and €1500 are up for grabs.
For more information visit www.apps4gaps.ie


John Hooper Medal for Statistics 2014 Competition  


Goal of the competition
The goal is to improve students' abilities to describe their environment with the help of statistics and to use statistics as a tool for making sense of daily life. 
John Hooper Medal for Statistics 2014 Flyer (PDF 2,334KB)  
Why a poster?
Taking part in this poster competition will encourage students to:
- work as a team
- investigate real questions using data
- use their calculation and graphical skills
- interpret statistical results
- to develop skills in written communication.
Theme of Poster
Posters can be about any topic students choose.

For more information visit: http://www.cso.ie/en/newsandevents/johnhoopermedalforstatistics2014competition/


Census@School: Area Profiles for Counties, Dáil Constituencies and Towns.  


Area Profiles are Census 2011 factsheets which have been produced for a selection of different geographical areas. They are available for each of the 34 administrative counties, 43 Dáil Constituencies and for 272 cities and towns with a population of 1,000 and over.

Each Area Profile provides an easy to read overview of the main results of Census 2011 for the area concerned, providing a concise picture of that area in April 2011.

This site contains some very intresting information from an Irish context. To read more, visit http://census.cso.ie/areaprofiles/


Monthly Maths Challenge  


Calling all Junior Cycle students - take part in the STEPs Monthly Maths Challenge and be in with a chance to win and be named the Mathematician of the Month! All correct entries are entered into a draw to win a gift voucher worth €100.

Simply work out the answer to the maths question on the site and fill in your details on the form. All correct entries will be entered into a draw to win a gift voucher worth €100.
to enter visit http://www.steps.ie/maths/monthly-maths-challenge.aspx


NCCA Resources  


The NCCA (National Council for Curriculum and Assessment) have created several valuable resources dealing with  Statistics for the current Irish curriculum

1. A guide to post-primary statistics. Learn about the big ideas in statistics.

2. Help students to develop key concepts from primary school. Particularly relevant to the Common Introductory Course.

To view all resources developed for the post primary mathematics by the NCCA visit http://www.ncca.ie/en/Curriculum_and_Assessment/Post-Primary_Education/Project_Maths/



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