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November 2014

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Seminar 2014/2015: Algebraic Reasoning: Problems & Solutions

The Project Maths Development Team’s Seminar supporting Algebraic Reasoning: Problems and Solutions has continued apace over the past few months. Teachers who were unable to attend the Seminar prior to Christmas have the opportunity to attend in January, February and March 2015. Feedback from the Seminar has been extremely positive.

At the Seminar you will engage in discussions with fellow teachers on:

- Algebraic Misconceptions
- Recommendations for Teaching and Learning Algebraic Reasoning
- Planning for Connections: algebra, trigonometry and geometry for Junior and Leaving Certificate

Remember it is not essential to prepare work prior to attending the Seminar. However, teachers may find it useful when discussing Algebraic Misconceptions with their peers at the Seminar.

New Teaching & Learning Plan: Inferential Statistics for Proportions

The new Teaching & Learning plan dealing with "Inferential Statistics & Proportions" is now available online. View Workshop 10 on our website to access this file, alternatively, you can download it directly here.

Hard copies of this Teaching & Learning Plan are currently being distributed to all teachers attending the 2014/2015 Seminar currently running in all Education centres throughout the country.

New Project Maths Students record "small but positive" improvement in skills.

Students studying under the Project Maths curriculum have recorded a “small but positive” improvement in their skills with the subject, a new study has shown. Its authors also suggest that these gains will advance further over time.
The results show a relatively small change but it will be strongly welcomed by the Department of Education which introduced Project Maths back in 2008. There had been little hard evidence that the curriculum was having an impact but the study by the Educational Research Centre within the Department points towards an improvement in student performance.

Irish Applied Maths: Team 2014 Competition

On Wednesday the 21st of January the first Junior Problem Solving Quiz, hosted by the Irish Applied Mathematics Teachers Association, will be held in a number of venues around the country. The quiz will cover all aspects of the Mathematics and Physics Junior Certificate Curriculum. Each school can enter a maximum of two teams, which will consist of four students per team who are in either Third Year or Transition Year. The winners of each regional quiz will then participate in the All-Ireland Final at a later date.
More information can be found on the IAMTA website: www.iamta.ie

MATHletes 2015 

MATHletes Challenge 2015: From a Whisper to a Roar’.

The MATHletes Challenge is a pioneering free online and in-person maths tournament for Irish and Northern Irish primary and secondary students. A not-for-profit venture founded by entrepreneur Sean O'Sullivan and former Junior Minister for Education Ciaran Cannon TD, the Challenge develops students' confidence and competence to excel in maths by introducing Irish students and teachers to the Khan Academy. 
Modelled on a GAA tournament playoff, the 4-month Challenge (starting Jan 5th) provides participants with a fun, competitive, engaging and rewarding educational experience. 4th class through pre-leaving cert students compete individually or with their school on Khan Academy, with top scorers advancing to represent their county colours at the in-person provincial and national finals in May. Over €20,000 in prizes and the title of MATHletes Challenge All-Ireland Champion are on offer. 
In 2014, over 3,000 students and 276 primary and secondary schools from every county in the Republic competed in the Challenge and spent nearly 1 million minutes improving their maths.  

The Challenge is FREE to enter, registration opens December 1st at mathletes.ie, and the Challenges launches on January 5th 2015. 

John Hooper Medal for Statistics 2015 Competition

Students and teachers please note the earlier submission date 13th February, 2015
Goal of the competition
The goal is to improve students' abilities to describe their environment with the help of statistics and to use statistics as a tool for making sense of daily life. 

For more information visit:

Boole 200 Project: Your ideas welcome

2015 is the 200th anniversary year of the birth of George Boole. We are currently looking for ideas as to how best we might celebrate this event. The goal of the Boole 200 Project is:

“To grow awareness and prompt curiosity among Irish children and students of the impact of Irish science on the quality of modern life, exemplified by the unique contribution of Boole, with particular emphasis on disciplines of mathematics, computer science and engineering underpinning ICT.”

If you have ideas or suggestions please email Ruairi Ó Céilleachair at boole200project@gmail.com

Useful Resources

Nix the Tricks: 

This book is filled with alternatives to the shortcuts so prevalent in mathematics education and explains exactly why the tricks are so bad for understanding maths [Source: http://nixthetricks.com/] . 

Download file

Key understandings in mathematics learning

In 2007, the Nuffield Foundation commissioned a team from the University of Oxford to review the
available research literature on how children learn mathematics.This paper deals with Algebraic Reasoning. [Source: http://www.nuffieldfoundation.org/sites/default/files/P6.pdf]

Download File

Paying Attention to Algebraic Reasoning

Algebraic reasoning is a gatekeeper for students in their efforts to progress in mathematics and science (Greenes et al., 2001).

An early introduction gives all students more opportunities in later mathematics 
and career choices, and it may serve to support the transition to formal algebra in secondary grades, which 
research has shown to be difficult for most students (e.g., Kieran, 1992). [Source:http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/literacynumeracy/PayingAttentiontoAlgebra.pdf]

Download File



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