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September 2014

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Seminar: Algebra: Problems & Solutions >> Read More

Correspondence has been sent to all principals regarding the dates for your attendance at the seminar. 
Correspondence  has also been sent to all teachers of mathematics with details of the support that will be offered by the Project Maths Development Team for the year ahead.
The Seminar, Algebra: Problems and Solutions  is about us as teachers sharing our experiences and learning from each other.
It would be helpful in preparation for the day that participants come prepared with one of the options outlined in the letter. This will lead to a much richer and engaging seminar for all participants. To help us in our planning for the day please complete the form (sent to your principal) indicating what option you may prepare for the seminar.

The "Mathematical Competency Test", (focusing on Algebraic Reasoning)  and "Problem Solving" template  are now available on line at http://www.projectmaths.ie/workshops/seminar2014-2015/seminar.asp

Please also take the time to view this short video (5 minutes approx), which provides information on the following;

  • The progress of Project Maths to date
  • What is the Maths Competency Test?
  • What is the Problem Solving Template?
  • What Algebraic misconceptions might my students' have?

You may find it useful to view this video before attending Seminar 2014/2015 "View Video" 

Reflections in Practice

The Project Maths Development Team are pleased to announce that they will be working in a structured and in-depth collaboration on "Reflections on Practice" provided locally in partnership with the Irish Maths Teachers Association (IMTA).This will be open to all teachers of mathematics.

This collaboration aims to bring teachers of mathematics together to focus on aspects of teaching and learning, foster the capacity to collaborate with other maths teachers and become reflective practitioners.  
If you are interested you should contact your local branch chairperson, details of branches and contacts for chairpersons are available at www.imta.ie

What the programme "Reflections in Practice" will look like

It is proposed that between September (2014) and March (2015) six meetings will be held in each of the participating IMTA communities of practice (branches). These will include the following teacher-led activities:
•     Information and introduction
•     Identify and agree an area/issue from classroom experience which needs to be
•     Examine various teaching materials for their suitability as effective teaching and
      learning tools  
•     Collectively agree the most appropriate pedagogies to be adopted
•     Collaboratively develop a lesson plan based on the agreed pedagogies and
      agreed resources 
•     Develop and agree any additional resources required including a professional
      collaborative review  template (see  School Self-Evaluation Guidelines, DES, 2012)
•     Teach the lesson to peers and in school
•     Using agreed feedback template, critically discuss the lesson
•     Revise the lesson plan to reflect the feedback
•     Disseminate the lesson plans

The Junior Maths Competition 2015 (IMTA)

The Junior Maths Competition has been held for 1st Year Students since 1994.
It consists of a school round where multiple choice brain teasers are answered within a 40 minute period.

Results are sent back to coordinator Michael Moynihan and based on results, students are invited to a regional final.

Closing date for receipt of completed application forms is Friday 29th of November 2014

Application form for 2014/15 competition

Previous Questions
|First round 2014 questions | First round 2014 answer key |
Final round questions 2014 | Final round 2014 answer key |

 Mathsfest 2014 

'Celebrating the past, embracing the present and preparing for future change".

Entering its fifth year Mathsfest, Ireland’s largest Maths Education Show will be held on the 11th October 2014 in University College Dublin.
The IMTA celebrates its golden anniversary with a dinner taking place in the Stillorgan Park Hotel after the day’s activities in Mathsfest have concluded.

For more information/bookings visit: www.mathsfest.com


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